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Seungho and Joon accidently opening the door whilst the MCs were still interviewing other groups and talking








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Sometimes, I feel like Onew was forced to grow up quickly and watch over his members as the leader, so he never got the chance to be the one taken care of. Now that his dongsaengs are all grown up, it seems as though he’s starting to show more of that cute/need-to-be-taken-care-of side of him—- and it seems like his members really adore it tbh. It does seem as though he has aged backwards ^^

This so much. Though I also think that it’s partly because he finally realized it’s okay to rely on his members too every once in a while. Nevertheless, this is a very interesting thought and indeed very possible.  

Some K-pop asks~

  • 1: Favorite MV?
  • 2: Who was your first bias in ______?
  • 3: Favorite OTP?
  • 4: Least favorite group?
  • 5: Favorite girl group?
  • 6: Favorite duo?
  • 7: Favorite Solo singer?
  • 8: Your favorite K-drama?
  • 9: Favorite Actor and Actress?
  • 10: Last group you started to listen to?
  • 11: Last song you listened to?
  • 12: Favorite picture(s) of your bias(es)
  • 13: Favorite picture of your bias group?
  • 14: Favorite era?
  • 15: _____ or _____ ? (members/songs/MV/OTP/actor/actress/groups)
  • 16: How many k-pop songs do you have on your phone/ipod?
  • 17: What did you listen to before k-pop?
  • 18: Tell me about your bias. Why is s/he your bias?
  • 19: Your favorite thing about your bias?
  • 20: How did you get into k-pop?
  • 21: How did you discover your favorite group?
  • 22: Favorite performance?
  • 23: Favorite song by ______?
  • 24: A group you never thought you would ever listen to?
  • 25: A group you'll never give up?
  • 26: Do you own any merchandise?
  • 27: Favorite album?
  • 28: Ever heard about _____?
  • 29: Do you think you will like k-pop in ___ years?
  • 30: An unpopular opinion about______?
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adorable jongyu dancing to macarena._(≥▽≤)/ 

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[140411] LOTJ Onew Trans. (2)

Onew (about the fish): “I ate it but… I only ate a small piece (of fishmeat)… that day and left it at that? Since I couldn’t catch them…since I was really sorry… I couldn’t eat it. Tomorow, whatever happens just… if we can gear up something to eat and catch it together …I think that it will be nice if I can eat it with confidence.”

Translator’s Note: Someone please I want to keep this person in my pocket forever. The world doesn’t deserve him omg. Like seriously, he wasn’t even the only one who didn’t manage to catch any fish, nobody managed to so in the end the local person caught it for them (so they wouldn’t starve). So really, it’s not like he was the only one unable to. ;_; Baby, seriously.

Disclaimer: My Korean is really not that good so there might be small mistakes in this, but I wouldn’t put this up if I wasn’t confident about the overall meaning at least. I tried to stay as literal as possible, though. Just saying so you don’t skin me alive if someone who’s better at Korean translates it and you spot a mistake in my translation. Thanks :)