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someone who isn’t in this fandom please explain this picture

A young man returns from his spirit journey in the wilderness without clothing as clothing is against tradition. His adoptive polyamorous family of beautiful gay men welcome him home and prepare a celebratory feast.

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Don’t end up like us. Your group is everything to you. They are your family. After a few years pass by, stay exactly the way you are now. Don’t listen to the “You won’t last 5 years” comments. We lasted more than. Your members are your support system. If you have problems, talk it out. If you think something is unfair, talk to a member about it. If you are apart from each other, keep contact as much as you can. Never lose the closeness you guys have. Never feel like your feelings are a burden to everyone else. That’s what family is for. To share the same burden and help get rid of it. If someone makes you angry or you make someone angry, don’t wait until it’s too late to let them know or apologize for what was did and or said. Because that one simple foolish fight will be what leaves you never speaking to that person again.
- YunHo’s words to EXO (via haneul-jang)

I have a lot to say…

… but I can’t even sort my thoughts right now. I don’t know where I stand on this, what to believe and what not to believe… idek.

So I’m just not going to say anything for now but: Stay strong EXO-Fans. 

If this was happening with my bias group I wouldn’t know what to do.

I’m also going to refrain from reblogging for like the weekend (I’m not home anyways so ha). 

[INFO] Onew is not scheduled for the first round of the musical Singing in the Rain


source: Interpark ticket


That’s true, he’s not there, but… Baekhyun is not there either? It’s literally just Kyuhyun and Jay… I mean of course EXO are busy promoting right now but they should be done by June 5th…or at least almost done.


sehun not letting go of onew

#they look like children #in a mall #whose mom told them they have to hold hands for safety #and the youngest gets really into it like o_. /stranger danger/ while the oldest is all #’listen lady i walk to school all by myself this shit is beneath me’

Tbh Sehun is just like “Come here Onew-hyung you’re our new member now!!!” and Onew’s just like “My.. members? Guys where?… come here? Guys?” And Sehun is like: “NO NO STAAAAAY” XDD

Ask questions and I’m going to answer them in a VLOG! :)

Yeah, so since I actually have time this week I figured I’d try something.

All questions that I receive in my inbox here and over at my within the next 72 hours will be answered in a VLOG. :) Yes that’s right you’ll get to see my face. xD

Make sure to ask ask ask, cause I decided I’m not going to do this if it’s less than 7 questions. Not gonna set that all up for a video that will be less than 2 minutes long you know? ;)

But don’t worry, if it ends up being less than 7 questions I’ll answer your question the written way. You’ll get your answer anyways, promise.

This is kind of an experiment on whether I want to start a vlog Youtube Channel on Kpop or not. I’d like to try but I don’t have much time so it’s interesting to see if anyone would even be interested. :)

So go go go~ ♥

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So. This producer guy (who’s currently working with SHINee and EXO and who is already repsonsible for great works like Lucifer, Stop Girl, Neverland, No Other, etc.) randomly replied me on Twitter. 

I was not even trying, guys.

Why do things like these always happen when I’m not expecting them to. lol

Maybe I should tweet something like “Gotta love these idiots LOLOL” to Onew or Jjong and they’ll reply?

Sometimes I can’t with the irony of life… :’D

EDIT: Onew’s following him. Awesome. That means if Jinki ends up bored and happens to scroll down this producer’s timeline, there will be my (super ugly) face. I’d deem this impossible with any other idol, but Jinki is a random guy, nobody knows how his brain works, and he spends the little free time he has super RANDOMLY, so you never know.

A W E S O M E.

/hides in corner/


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Kyungsoo, Onew and the chair too far from the balcony..

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So apparently Minho and Key are in London now.

Why guys, waaaaaaae?  щ(゚Д゚щ) 

SO CLOSE (at least compared to Asia) YET SO FAR ! *waves white handkerchief in the direction of London* 

On another note…

SM are you actually seeing this through and only sending SJ to the MAMAs when SHINee, BoA and EXO have (officially) no schedule on that day? Seriously?…

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I’m like sitting here contemplating over who will attend the MAMAs and who won’t…

…and I’m not sure about anything anymore, really. Apart from the artists confirmed by Mnet/their respective agencies.

So everyone’s like: “EXO’s gonna win, since…SM.” but then again, SM has made no move to confirm their attendance for MAMAs, same goes for SHINee, TTS and f(x) and DBSK. When they have confirmed SJ loooong ago.

BAP is supposedly confirmed to attend though, and we all know the MAMAs are a no-attendance-no-award kind of Show (unless there are categories of which none of the nominated artists attends).

I’m 100% sure 2NE1 won’t attend cause press conference during the same time-slot. So that list going around is fake (it’s actually for the MAMA LINE Awards, which is a …what-do-I-know-some-special-award that’s going to be decided during the show…the list were the nominees for that award. PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT CAPABLE OF KOREAN SHOULD JUST NOT RELEASE INFORMATION AS CONFIRMED SERIOUSLY.)

As for my THOUGHTS about the artists not yet confirmed to attend but also not yet confirmed to not attend (lol?XD):

(Although only the ones I actually have a thought on. xD)

Infinite: Don’t know, but probably not, cause Sunggyu Solo and stuff. Though he might go and prerecord, I give him that one.

B2ST: Most likely not since it’s confirmed Yoseob will make his Solo Debut next Friday, which is the day of the MAMAs. Sure, they could still come without him, but I guess they’d want to support him and also: How to perform without their main vocal? Well, yeah.

SNSD TTs: I doubt it. I just doubt SM holds a subgroup for important enough to kind of put a halt on all SNSD group activities for 2-3 days. :/

EXO: Hmmm…even though there’s no confirmation yet, I’m pretty sure they will attend. I can’t see SM having them let go that Rookie Award which they can only receive once in a lifetime…hmm. No. But then again…why is BAP confirmed?

SHINee: Ughhhx100000000. Totally don’t know about this. With the way the voting stands right now, either them or SJ might win the Best Dance Performance Award. And if these supposed judges and researchers are even a tad bit “PROFESSIONAL” (uhuu, Shawols, see what I did there), I guess SHINee would be taking home that award. But then again, ONLY if they attend. IF they do. Which I am totally not sure about…they might be. I mean they don’t have a schedule on Nov.30th or any of the days before or after. Actually, between tomorrow’s SMT Bangkok and Dec. 8th’s SWC II Singapore, there’s absolutely NOTHING. Enough time for them to rehearse for a special stage during next week as well.
BUT THEN AGAIN…after that disaster involving the HK media they had at that Etude House Event last time around…I’m not sure anymore. I mean, the MAMAs are being held in Hong Kong after all. So not sure. NOT. AT. ALL. OTL

f(x): Don’t know. :/ I mean they’re first in 2 polls, but then again, their competitors in those categories, KARA and miss A, have confirmed their attendance. So maybe no f(x) after all? Though I don’t see why SM would not send them…it’s not like they’re boycotting the MAMAs. SJ is going, aren’t they?

BoA: Will probably go. Nothing speaks against it so…yeah. :)

TVXQ: I don’t see why they wouldn’t be going, so probably going as well.
EDIT: LOL I totally forgot about their Repackage CB next week. Unless their first broadcasted performance of Humanoids will be during the MAMAs (which would be epic), they probably won’t. :( 

But yeah, you notice, this leaves a lot of confusion in many categories. For example, if Infinite isn’t attending, and SHINee and Beast aren’t, and I don’t see any news of MBLAQ attending…Will SJ receive that Best Dance Performance Award? Cause if so…

Sorry, I’m an ELF, but I will still flip MNET okay.

Cause…yeah. SJ can win any other category for all I care, but not that one.

Yeah. Rant over. Just had to write that down LOL


don’t tell me I was the only one who saw this

not my gifs

no, you weren’t

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imagine those sasaeng fans reaction when they heard this lmao

y too

All EXOtics and Shawols getting excited over nothing…

Okay so…

First there was an articles featuring this professor who wrote lyrics for an upcoming SHINee-Song saying that they’ll be expected to comeback in November.


Me: “…But look at their schedules, how I ask you HOW.”

Now someone else (EXOtics don’t bother to clarify who exactly but luckily I’m capable of some Korean and know at least WHAT he said) says EXO is expected to release their album in November.

Me: “….what’s with all these people expecting things…SM is so not gonna put two boygroup-comebacks into one month.”

So my current guess: Looking at their schedule, a November-Comeback is practically impossible for SHINee, they’re not Hermione Granger or anything. lol So EXO seems more likely, and I actually expect SHINee in December, since they’ll mainly have to stay in Korea then, anyways, because of Key’s musical.

But really, dun get all excited, you better just wait until SM drops something on the matter.

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