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When Key is just as cute as can be

When they suddenly decided to have a 2nd encore.

we really don’t mind guys (¬‿¬)


Jinki was Worried :(

Jinki: You look tired.

Jinki: You look almost dead.

Jinki: It seems you really lost weight.

Jinki: Did you catch a cold?

Jinki: You must have been still jetlagged.

Jinki: You were too tired and exhausted…

Jinki: You don’t usually enjoy riding it.

Jinki: You are afraid of height.

Jinki: You always sneeze 3 times.

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kibum carrying jinki away from stage

More like, Jinki almost making Kibum fall over

ARTIST: SHINee World ft.SHINee
ALBUM: @ The Wizard Concert
PLAYED: 14,299 times

kshawols singing Selene 6.23 beautifully
@ The Wizard Concert (131221)


A lot of people don’t realize that the reason most kpop groups lip sync is because they’re dancing so much that they’re out of breath. It doesn’t mean they suck at singing, it means that the choreography is the point of the song, whereas ballads aren’t lip synced because the singing is the point of the song. However, if the group isn’t dancing or singing a song with lots of effects, you could say they’re just bad at singing.

Funny how the pic that was chosen is of SHINee when they’re the living proof that singing and dancing at the same time is possible. It’s called training your stamina. I’m not saying that anyone who lipsyncs dancing songs can’t sing at all, but they sure as hell can’t sing while dancing. Even though it’s possible





shinee @ level thousand trillion ya’ll oppas slummin it at -10

I don’t know bout you guys but I found this so cool because the move is clean-cut and it wows me O_O

and the concept is so cool like freezing each moves asdfghj

nobody got nothing on shinee’s sync

TITLE: SHINee Voice Meme
ALBUM: Horrible Voices
PLAYED: 340 times

SHINee Voice Meme

(Because I am bored and yeah… Merry Christmas? XD)

1. Who is your bias in SHINee?

2. When and how did you get into them?

3. Favourite MV and why.

4. Favourite track from each album.

5. Which SHINee song has your favourite lyrics?

6. Has your bias always been your bias?

7. Favourite choreography.

8. Say the first word that comes to your mind for each member.

9. Least favourite era.

10. Do you prefer “Hello Baby” or “Yunhanam” or “One Fine Day”?

11. Pick a member you would like to trade places with for one day.

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