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Irritates me when some fans do not want to see that SNSD Yoona and Sooyoung are almost anorexics.

This is purely subjective.

First and foremost, if you haven’t noticed, a lot of Asians, especially females, have small body figures. Sometimes it’s a genetic and other times they’re just naturally skinny. Maybe you seriously have not seen a lot of Asian girls which is why you conclude that Sooyoung and Yoona are “anorexic.”

In addition, you seem like an individual who doesn’t know a lot about SNSD and is straight up judging these two by the way they appear to you, but to tell you frankly, even SNSD’s personal trainer once said in a TV show that Yoona has a fast metabolism, that’s why she doesn’t gain weight as much as the other members. Also, Sooyoung and Yoona are the two biggest eaters in the group, with the amount of dancing they do, ironically the two are SNSD’s lead dancers, they appear to have lesser weight than the other members.

Lastly, one does not have any rights to judge another by their looks. Someone could be skinny and not be anorexic. What I can’t decipher is when others go around calling skinny people anorexic when they don’t know them in person. Also, just because you don’t live in a country where skinny girls are a natural thing, don’t assume that the rest of the people in the world are anorexic. It’s hurtful and shows how narrow minded of a person you are.

Opinions such as these, when shoved to ordinary people, not just to KPOP idols, is unforgivingly disrespectful. We do not have any authorities to call people names like these. Jfc society these days istg.

I have to agree with this comment. I actually am in Seoul right now so I see loads and loads of Korean girls each day and a lot of them have a body like Yoona’s or Sooyoung’s. Not all of them, sure, but even the chubby ones here aren’t even close to what we would consider fat in the Western world. I have yet to see a Korean that looks overweight. Anyways, if you are gonna call them “near anorexic” or “anorexic” then pretty much half of the girls their age here in Korea are.

Some of the girls here have such a small frame that I look like a monster next to them. And for your information, in Germany I’m the one that gets asked whether I’m underweight (then they see me eat and shut up cause yeah, fast metabolism). Sure, I’m 178cm tall, taller than even a lot of Korean men are, but I’m skinny… especially my legs and arms are. And these legs and arms, which look anorexic in a Western context, look totally normal here. 

Of course people can be anorexic, but one of the main symptoms of anorexia is that the person wants to get skinnier and skinnier, even if they’re already skinny enough. By that logic, Sooyoung and Yoona should keep losing weight, but no matter how much I look at photos of them over the time, their weight seems to remain the same. So…


dont get into kpop you will get feels

and die

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Big Bang in London. Junsu in Oberhausen (which is a distance of an hour and I have a ticket for trains in that area anyway). AND I CANNOT GO TO EITHER CAUSE MONEY. Forever sitting here saving up for SMTOWN. YOUBETTERCOMEFASTSMANDYOUBETTERMAKEITAGOODDATE.

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Okay has anyone heard of SanchoBeatz? I swear I know this guy from somewhere and he’s claiming to be a Korean-Spanish Music Producer/Artist…and looking at his huge-ass number of followers I guess he really is. I mean … 24,337. o.o

…Why I’m asking you?

This dude basically randomly decided to follow me on Twitter.

Not even kidding.

P.S.: Okay I did some research but all I found out is that he was featured as a rapper in one of Baek Ji Young’s songs…which already quite something, considering he is following me (without me following him btw.)

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That moment when…

you know things you’re not supposed to know and you want to tell the whole world but can’t.

Don’t even ask. :P

(I will ignore you.)

I just had to vent this out somewhere, but I’m not gonna tell anyway. 

[Super Junior Light Project]

I’m just shamelessly gonna promote German ELF’s efforts to get SM to make the decision to send Suju to Germany for SS4. :P

This is a project some German ELFs did (by far not everyone was able to come, unfortunately T,T) as a present for Super Junior in 6 German cities. :)

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What amazes me the most about idols…

…it’s not even their singing or dancing or looks or anything the likes.

It’s how they manage to be friendly to almost everyone they meet, happy and energetic almost all the time a camera meets their eyes, always appreciating their fans’ support no matter where they are or what the time is…

…all despite being so sleep-deprived.

I mean…how can someone sleep 2 hours a day a whole consecutive year and still stick to their manners and spirit?

I would’ve probably lost all my fans after having to do that for only a week. Cause believe me, I might be nice usually, but if I want to sleep but can’t and that for more than a few consecutive days - hell, I become a raging bitch, and I mean every single letter in that word. Maybe that’s just one of the things I should fix, but really, I can’t control it. In that state about everything annoys me, and at one point, I just explode.

Which is why I’m so amazed at them pulling that off.

Cause I know I couldn’t, not even for a week.


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Just some random thoughts about Pedo-Noonas in Kpop…

…I just realised this.

Whenever we feel attracted to some Kpop-Idol that is younger than us, we say: 

"OMG, I do feel like a Pedo-Noona right now? D:" 

Don’t we?

But what is Pedo-Noona even?…

Cause they might be younger than us physically, but someone’s real age is all about their mindset. And when it’s about mindset, I think a 15 to 16-year-old idol would never be on the level of his non-idol classmates.

Noooo, when it comes to mindset and maturity, idols are far ahead of their real age. Cause they need to work even before they finish school. They need to follow stricter orders than any of their classmates, still manage to finish High School in the same time-span normal people do, they see many places, meet many different people, have a load of experience in life other kids their age wouldn’t have…

And all those things ARE the things that make us grow as a person after all. So when experiencing them earlier than other people, of course you would mature faster than them.

So, to sum it up: There is no such thing as a pedo-noona, cause age is about mindset and maturity, and when it comes to that, a lot of Idols who are younger than us are probably wiser than we will ever be in our entire lifetime.

Enough said.




No more studying…well, kinda. I still have to prepare for the intensive class that starts in two weeks. And I have two feedbackpapers to write. But hey. That’s not nearly as much as I’ve been doing up to now.

And I’ll totally forget about the fact that tomorrow is the day where my teacher will tell me I failed last friday’s exam. :DDDDDDDDD

P.S.: GIFs not mine. ;)

keyshines: reblog with one kpop song your parents like





Mr.Simple by Super Junior. She’s a hardcore Siwonest.

… My mom really likes Rokkugo. Also yes omg haha Siwon is her favorite out of SJ boys.

Mommy really likes “Marry U” and “我的二分之一 (Full of…

I don’t know about my mom’s favourite song, but I know she recognizes Lucifer after hearing the first second. xD Though she has no idea who SHINee is. xD

The only band she really knows is Super Junior, and her Bias is Sungmin. xD (She randomly told me that.)
I guess, her fave Suju Song is Sorry Sorry?…and that’s the only one she knows (lol, superficial much? She has a bias, but only knows ONE song. xD)

My sister on the other hand…she prefers 2NE1, if anything, but she tends to get SNSD-songs stuck in her head even though she doesn’t listen to them. xD

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My thoughts on SOPA….

Dear US-Government.

If this shit passes I will loose not only my tumblr, twitter and facebook.

I will also loose Youtube.

Youtube is like…my Kpop-Home.

If you dare to put up a wall between me and my Kpop.

I shall never forgive you.


And I’m not even a US-Citizen.

I don’t even LIVE there.


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What is it with the german reporter telling us she has news for Kpop-Fans…

…you know the one that did the MAMA-report on German TV. She’s being all secretive about some news she’s gonna announce to Kpop-Fans later…

I swear I totally love this woman for bringing Kpop to German TV. Well, her, and the staff whose idea this was in the first place. But she’s the one that keeps the idea alive. <3

So, let’s wait till she announces this. The day gets better and better. :DD




Wait does this mean Shinee’s new album will only be released digitally. Is this a joke. Please let this be a joke what about all my photobooks and all that stuff WHAT WILL YOUR ARTISTS EVEN SIGN ON IN THE FUTURE, PAPER OR WHAT???

…SM, the stupid things you do.

*hides in corner*

*le sobs* ;__;


First I read people talking about how the SHINee-members were still in Japan as of yesterday and I’m like “How can Key and Jjong be in Japan and host ShimSHimTapa at the same time? O_O I mean they should’ve done so today and they will do so tomorrow…”
….2 hours later I realize that the first day they’re gonna be the DJ’s is today. Since today is the 10th.

A few hours later I’m desperately trying to find the winners of the frist evening of the GDA’s. I almost freak out cause I can’t find them…

Just to realize that the it’s the 10th and they take place on the 11th and the 12th.

WAAAAE what iswrong with me… 

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Reblog with anything only ELFs would understand. :D

It’s easy. Anything on Suju not everybody knows of. I start, you reblog and add something new. And so on. :DD (I wonder if someone is actually gonna do this xD)

- Donghae’s Line Of Awesomeness. :D 

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