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someone who isn’t in this fandom please explain this picture

A young man returns from his spirit journey in the wilderness without clothing as clothing is against tradition. His adoptive polyamorous family of beautiful gay men welcome him home and prepare a celebratory feast.

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follow the dorky leader ^▽^



Friendly reminder: Eating foods that aren’t from your own ethnicity is cultural appropriation so please don’t do it!!
( ◕ ◡ ◕ ) thank u~

I’ll eat whatever the fuck I want you whiny, pro-segregationist little chode 

/goes to Korea for work/

/eats McDonald’s every day cause I can’t eat food that isn’t from my own ethnicity right/

/ooops, McDonald’s is from the US so seems like I can’t eat that either/

/seems like I’ll have to find a German restaurant/

/roams around Seoul/

/starves cause no German restaurant/

I think you get my point.

2-N-EH-1 ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

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SHINee - NYLON Magazine

(literally the cutest fucking ot5 ever)


Sometimes, I feel like Onew was forced to grow up quickly and watch over his members as the leader, so he never got the chance to be the one taken care of. Now that his dongsaengs are all grown up, it seems as though he’s starting to show more of that cute/need-to-be-taken-care-of side of him—- and it seems like his members really adore it tbh. It does seem as though he has aged backwards ^^

This so much. Though I also think that it’s partly because he finally realized it’s okay to rely on his members too every once in a while. Nevertheless, this is a very interesting thought and indeed very possible.