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SM. Y Ur English Makes No Sense.

  • EXO: Careless, careless. Shoot anonymous, anonymous. Heartless, mindless, no one who care about me!
  • Me: ........................................................................ WHAT? WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAAAAAAAN? XD

The moment I go crazy cause people seriously think the results of the 2011 MAMAs were rigged…

…the day will come.


I doubt it…

People, votes counted 10-30% ONLY.

Yes, you heard right. So that means, even if someone lke TVXQ was in the lead, judges and research turned out to proof a different one to be the best. And that can easily sweep away votes.

I mean, if you have any other evidence than “But the votes said differently”, then okay, but 90% of upset Kpop-Fans have that only as their argument. And seeing the judging system, that argument is invalid okay?!

If you don’t believe me… just check this out:  

Bottom of the picture my dear friends. Votes never count more than 30%. Just realize that it might not have been rigged after all.

Cause it hurts to see that some people can’t accept some of my fave groups won while theirs didn’t. Can’t you just live with the fact that some unbiased people thought someone else than your bias-group was better?


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The moment I realize this might really be the last time…

I know officially it’s only Teukie’s enlistment next year, but even if the others don’t decide to go as well, they’ll still all be on hiatus.

And even though I’m a Shawol, a B2UTY and an Inspirit as well, nobody can replace SuJu. I might be having my fangril-crazes aout other groups, but I never forget about SuJu and in the end, I always come back to the good old family of ELF. When they go, a part of me will go with them. You know, that part of my heart that belongs to them ever since I came to know them, my first Kpop-Group. I’ll miss it, but I’m sure that it’ll come back to me one day.

And until that day comes, I’ll wait.

Beautiful speech btw, Teukie. Really. Wae do you always say things that make me sob. <3

I’m so sick of this.

No, really, if Infinite doesn’t win this category, I’ll be mad.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m an ELF, and I love SuJu, but I just get the feeling that they’re currently topping every category they’re nominated in not because they did best in the area they were nominated for but because they have the most fans. 

But shouldn’t this kind of awards be awarded to the artists that really did best in the respective category and not to the artists that have the most fans? I mean, these aren’t (all) popularity-awards. Then it’d be perfectly fine with me. But they are not.

And nobody, not even an hardcore-ELF, can deny that Infinite in fact did best when it comes to Dance Performances. If you look at it from an objective point of view. Which most fans, naturally, don’t. (And even as an ELF, I gotta say, the choreo for Mr. Simple wasn’t really that hard. xD)

But really…am I the only one that’s able to judge objectively? .__. Heeey, grown-up people with the ability to judge fairly, where are you? D:

You can hate me if you disagree, I don’t care.

Agree to disagree, people.

P.S.: I’m counting on you there, Special Judges. And researchers. .__.

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