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11/11/06 JYJ European Tour, Berlin.
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Like the stars that that illuminate the the skies…
I’ll always shine over you, you.
- Onew (Lucky Star Lyrics)
  • *SHINee releases CD of them burping the alphabet*
  • Me: Yaaaaaaaassssss see this is what the fuck I'm talkin about why do your faves even try like they lack the tools and resources to even come close to what SHINee is bringing to the table like this is nothin but bops tbh just eternal jams that I will probably play until like 2098 or some shit like please don't try me or SHINee like please don't I swear I'll fight you in front of your whole damn family
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someone who isn’t in this fandom please explain this picture

A young man returns from his spirit journey in the wilderness without clothing as clothing is against tradition. His adoptive polyamorous family of beautiful gay men welcome him home and prepare a celebratory feast.

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023 | 100 photos of Lee Jinki.

TITLE: Key, Jjong, and Onew's reaction as they went up the hot air balloon
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ft. the staff and minho and taemin laughing at them XD

SHINee summed up in one 10-second audio post. 

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