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Can I just say…

I think I’m not gonna like EXO. Actually, the only member I like so far is Tao. And not even that much.

The rest…I don’t really care about Lu Han.

Kai pisses me off for the sole reason he had a gazillion teasers. I know that’s not his fault, but still.

And this one…I don’t know, but have you looked at his facial expression in this teaser? Is that supposed to be a charismatic expression? Please. He looks…bored.

The only member I know I will love is Jinho, and I will kill SM if this absolutely talented guy is not in this group.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna turn into an Anti, cause Anti’s are stupid people, but I’m not gonna like them. I guess.

No final word on this until I hear a song and see a performance, but that’s the feeling I have for now.

P.S.: Do you realize what SM is doing to us with that Marketing Strategy of releasing a gazillion teasers, alwas tagging their names?…We remember their names and faces even before they debut. This is clever.