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I’m really looking forward to the SHINee Comeback~ :D


I see some issues with this.

And most of them concern their actual comeback date.

There are so many open questions…

Like why did SM start promoting EXO if they’re not going to debut soon?

And if they are, and SHINee’s Comeback is after that, wouldn’t that be kind of risky of SM cause their comeback would fall into the time-span where Big Bang will make their Comeback? Not saying SHINee doesn’t stand the slightest chance, I’m no VIP, I’m a Shawol, but let’s be realistic, it’d be really hard for them to win against Big Bang.

And if SM knows that and won’t make SHINee Comeback during Big Bang’s Comeback Promotions, then when will SHINee have their Comeback? Starting from April they’ll have their tour, so they would have to postpone it to the end of 2012, but then teasing their Comeback now would be as weird as it would be to promote EXO when they’re not even debuting yet.


Not to mention all those absurd Comeback Rumours I’ve heard during the past 8 days. First it was January 11th, with certainly isn’t true. Since it’s January 8th already. Then it was middle of February, which would make them clash with Big Bang, and that worries me a bit. They might be popular, but they’re not DBSK or SNSD or SuJu. =/ So yush, you see my point.

And now it’s January 17th? Seriously? Where does that info even come from? And how…how??? It’s the 8th, which means this is in less than 10 days, but Onew was out with a fever only like 2 days ago, even skipping performances (and SM doesn’t allow that if it’s only a small thing), so he can’t have practiced/recorded at all and who knows if he’s recovered yet… And then it would be high time for a teaser as well. 
Maybe, only maybe…this was their original Comeback Date, but with Onew’s knocked-outness I guess they’ll have to postpone it…

And then what about EXO?…

And with Big Bang…?

And wasn’t there some Beast as well…?

OMG this is going to kill me I better go to bed @__@ 

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